Infinite Jest: Week Four

Favorite story line right now: Hal and Orin’s conversations. Especially about the death of their dad. I also loved pages 172-175. Even though I could see the obvious sarcasm coming from Hal, I thought his narrative of Mario’s cartridge was actually inspirational. I love Mario Incandenza.

Worst story line right now: Helen steeply freaks me out. Anything to do with her is the worst. All I can think of any time she is mentioned is his/her cockeyed boobs pointing every which way. Creepy.

Where I’m at right now: I’m currently on page 332. In the middle of the Eschaton section. Please don’t tell me there’s more than one. I’m a little behind. I’m supposed to be on 343 by today. I know, it’s not too bad. But it’s so easy (especially with this long weekend coming up) to get behind by 50 pages or more just by missing 2/3 days of reading. So I’m trying to stay diligent, is what I’m saying.
I’m not hating most of it. I’m still hating The Marathe/Steeply dialogue. And the explanation of Eschaton. Basically anything that I can’t understand. That’s normal, right? Some things are coming together like I had hoped in week two. Story lines are linking up. Joelle (P.G.O.A.T) and the Incandenzas. Don Gately and, like, everyone. Hugh/Helen Steeply and Orin. And others.

What I’m hoping: I have to be honest. I peeked at a character map so I got a little bit of information I’m not technically supposed to know yet. I’m hoping to read more about the cartridge that incapacitated the medical attaché et. al.


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3 responses to “Infinite Jest: Week Four

  1. This book might make my head explode. I’m behind – like a week behind – and sometimes I just get so mad at the length of footnotes that I put the book down and go drink wine because WHY DO WE NEED MULTI-PAGE FOOTNOTES?!?!

    • I know exactly which footnote you’re talking about! It took me like 3.5 hours to read my section for that day because it was twice as long as I thought it was. I wanted to shoot myself.

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