What I’m up to this month: VEDA

This month is going to be kind of hectic. I’ve committed to doing VEDA, which stands for Vlogging Every Day in (April) August. Which means that I’ll be spending the majority of my time making videos and watching 80+ of the other participants videos every day. Plus comments, plus my TV shows (can’t neglect those, obvz.), plus that thing I call a boyfriend, plus work, equals probably not a lot of action here. I’m not going to post every video from VEDA, you can click over to my youtube page and subscribe there if you want to watch them all, but I will post from time to time with the ones I like or I think you’ll find interesting. Here’s my introduction, just so you can see what it’s all about. Oh yeah, I’m back from vacation. HI!



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3 responses to “What I’m up to this month: VEDA

  1. My non-internet friends give me shit all the time about hanging out with people I met on the internet. Really, I feel bad for them. It just means they don’t get it and are missing out on all the fun.

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