Giveaway: Sprayology!

Hey guys, guess what? I’ve got this really awesome opportunity for one of you! I’m super excited to announce that I’m doing my first sponsored giveaway. You’ll see what I mean…

I’ve talked about this product a little bit before, but it’s been four months since we were introduced and I’m still raving about Sprayology Party Relief Spray. Our love story started at Bloggers in Sin City when Sprayology donated enough bottles of the stuff for every single person that attended. How amazing is that?

This little snippet comes straight from the website, if you want to learn how it works in even more detail, go here.

Party Relief Spray is FDA-regulated. It relieves symptoms of alcohol-related discomfort including headache and dehydration, upset stomach/ nausea, sluggish feeling, and liver toxicity. The spray is recommended for: those who want homeopathic relief from the side effects of alcohol consumption.

I used the spray right away. I mean, we were in Vegas so it was an obvious time to test it out. And I was VERY skeptical at first. But I tried it out, albeit not exactly following the instructions, and I never got a hangover all weekend. I literally haven’t had a hangover since May. And I’m prone to them, if I get a whiff of liquor I have a headache the next morning. So you can see why I’m raving about this product! Oh, yeah, I also made a little how-to video for you guys.

Now, here’s the awesome news. I tweeted about Sprayology and they told me to get in contact with them and the moral of the story is… they are sponsoring a giveaway for one of my lucky readers! All you have to do is comment on this post telling me about your worst hangover story! You can also tweet about the giveaway (“Enter to win a bottle of @Sprayology’s Party Relief Spray on @jennbizzle’s blog!”) for an additional entry once per day. Don’t forget to come back here and comment with a link to your tweet. That’s it! The giveaway ends in one week, on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 12:01 a.m.

[I did not receive any payment for this review or giveaway. I received a free bottle for participation in Bloggers in Sin City in May and Sprayology is donating a bottle for me to give to one of my readers.]


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7 responses to “Giveaway: Sprayology!

  1. Heather B

    Oh man! I will start by telling you how I got this worst hangover ever (this happened 4 years ago): After work, I went meet my then boyfriend and friends a bar in town. I didn’t have to be at work until 11 am the next day and figured I would have a few drinks. Oh boy. His friend, B, asks if I want a shot. I happily agree (WRONG WRONG WRONG DECISION). I head with him to the bar where he proceeds to buy me a shot of Everclear. I take it and chase it with a grape daiquiri (not mine…..gross also), which was basically purple liquid and Everclear. Oh, it just gets better. I then finish of my then boys banana daiquiri and don’t remember much after that. I do remember sitting on the couch in our apartment and getting really upset. I have a tendency to throw stuff and walk when I’m drunk (ask my friends….they’ll tell you lovely stories). I didn’t have shoes on so I took of my socks and threw them on the floor, like a five year old. I then took off walking outside. They managed to get me back inside and the next thing I remember was seeing the inside of the bathtub with purple liquid all around me. I woke up naked and in a panic. I realized that I was going to be late for work. On the way to work,. I had to pull over twice so not to throw up in my car. My head was pounding. I drank water at work and threw that up. I was dry heaving too. It was awful.

  2. July 4th party one year. I was supposed to hit up the jazz festival the next day, and my body was NOT having it. :/ Wish I’d known about Sprayology then. LOVE this stuff even though it tastes INTERESTING. ps – love your face!

  3. There was the one time when I was so hungover, I gagged on a tiny piece of hair that had gotten stuck in my mouth (you know how long hair does that sometimes?). I held it together, though! I mean, that hangover was also tinged in SHAME. ugh.

  4. OMG I am sooooo excited about this! Okay, worst hangover story that I can think of at the moment: The time I got way too smashed the night before moving back to LA for college, and I had to try to act normal the next day (even though I wanted to pass out, hurl, and scream at all the bright lights simultaneously) because I had my little sister with me and she didn’t know that I drank at ALL at the time. 😛

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