Quit it.

There’s always an ex, right? Well, The Ex just won’t quit. It’s been over a year since I last saw him and decided I no longer wanted him in my life. It will be a year next week since SC and I met and I vowed to make my previous resolution a true statement forever and ever. And It will be a year in November since I last had any sort of conversation with him in which I explained, in detail, AGAIN, why I no longer wanted to communicate with him in any way.

Since then, he’s texted every few months and I haven’t replied. A few months ago, he texted again and I sent a short message saying I wanted nothing to do with him, AGAIN. It had been longer than previous time spans and I hadn’t received anything from him, so I was starting to get excited. I didn’t get a message from him yesterday (on my birthday) and I was so relieved.

Honestly, I used to wait by the phone ALL DAY for him to send me a happy birthday wish when we weren’t together and I wished we were. It wasn’t a good birthday unless he was a part of it. But now I’m equally happy when I don’t receive anything. Every one of those years that I was waiting for him? I cried throughout my birthday. And now? I had a great day. The first really great birthday in a long time.

But it couldn’t last, I guess. As SC and I were getting into the car this evening, my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen and there was a random number. It took a minute for me to realize that it was his number. And my mood immediately changed. SC could see it, there was no hiding what I was feeling.

The message said that he hoped I had a good birthday, and Happy Birthday a day late. Or something.


I don’t know what to do. Why won’t he just go away?

I think I need your advice, because it’s seriously upsetting SC and me that we can’t do anything about this. Do I call him? Will that make a difference? Do I continue to ignore? Do I change my phone number? WHAT DO I DO!?




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8 responses to “Quit it.

  1. Call your phone company and have his number blocked.

  2. Anon

    Sounds likehe was just thinking about you. If he doesn’t say anything else just let it be.

  3. He wants a response from you. Continue to ignore. It’ll end once he realizes you won’t respond. 🙂

  4. I have an ex who randomly texts me. It’s almost predictable the times of year that I’ll get a random message, though not always. I used to respond to them, and one time it led to us hanging out, and while it was nice to air out a lot of grievances, it maybe wasn’t such a good idea to make out and end the night falling asleep on his couch. Yeah. Rather than letting him suck me back into anything, I just delete them now. I feel like a bitch when I do it, but I am hoping that eventually, he’ll take the hint. If not, it’s only a rare occurrence, and while there’s always that instant pang (that doesn’t go away, ever, unfortunately), it’s easy to just delete it.

    Or, you can just change your number. That would work too.

  5. I agree with Linda. Once he sees that you won’t ever respond, he’ll have to stop. That’ll reset every time you get tired of him and respond, though. SAY NOTHING. If you can block his number, do that too.

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