I am absolutely against setting unrealistic goals for the year ahead, also known as resolutions. I absolutely plan on sticking with any goal I make for myself. In my mind, resolutions just aren’t meant to be kept. So I have never made resolutions.

There are some things that I’ve been slowly changing over the past few months, and some new things that I’m working on that just happen to fall in between the change of the year.

I’ve been going to school. I started my Bachelor program in communications with an emphasis in digital technology at the University of Phoenix in September. The goal is that I will be working in social media. The program is completely online and I have one class every 5 weeks. I’ve completed 3 classes so far. In the Spring of 2014 I will have my Bachelor’s Degree. This is important because I am under strict rules that I’m not allowed to have a baby until I finish my degree. If we get pregnant on our wedding night (more on that later), I will have my degree before I give birth. That totally counts, right?

Speaking of weddings and babies, we officially set the date! As in, Save The Dates went out and people are already making travel arrangements! We will be getting married on Sunday, September 1, 2013. That’s Labor Day weekend. We have all but put down a deposit on a venue and my dress is bought and paid for! Seriously, guys. I HAVE A WEDDING DRESS. squee.

After we got engaged, I basically resolved that I would not be losing any weight or “sweating for the dress” before the wedding. I’ve never been good at it and I didn’t want to crush myself and feel horribly fat at my wedding. Instead, I decided to keep expectations reasonable and focus on loving myself as I am so I will be comfortable in my own skin and confident at my wedding. But then I started having sleeping troubles. I couldn’t fall asleep, I was restless, and I couldn’t get into a deep enough sleep to feel rested. Someone suggested that I try to exercise to tire myself out. So I tried. And it worked! And then I bought a gym membership and started attending regularly (minor surgery aside). And my gym membership came with free classes. Among those classes are Zumba and yoga, both of which I’ve been wanting to try since before I met SC. That is over two years. It’s time to make this happen, people. So this weekend, I will be attending my first yoga class and my first Zumba class ever. And I am so excited about it!

Speaking of minor surgery. I had two major goals for 2012. Those were to get contacts and to have my wisdom teeth removed. I am an extreme procrastinator when it comes to my health, but SC is very good about pushing me to take care of myself. So I got my contact exam and have been wearing contacts since October. I also scheduled and had 5 teeth removed at the end of November. Goals achieved!

So that is what I’m focusing on at this moment. What are you up to? Do you make resolutions? More importantly, do you keep them?




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2 responses to “Unresolutions.

  1. terra

    Congrats on setting a day! I know it’s probably a huge relief to have the date set and to have a dress -YAY!! Cheers to all the wonderful things happening for you in 2013!

  2. Congrats on getting the dress! I wanna see a picture! If working out helps you sleep, great, keep at it. Sleep is important but I totally agree with you and proud of you for not wanting to kill yourself to lose weight for the wedding. SC loves you just as you are and wants to marry you as you are. And what you are is beautiful.

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