Last year, on Memorial Weekend, SC and I flew to Massachusetts to a) see NYC with my Dad and b) drive my sister back to Cali to live here. She’d been wanting to move back to Cali ever since my Dad forced her to move to MA. It took her about 4-5 months, but it seemed like she was really adjusting to life here. She had a solid group of friends and she was dating someone.

Then she went back to MA for the holidays. As soon as she came home, things changed dramatically. There was always tension in the house and I felt like she was making it a point to avoid me at all costs. She made me feel like she was mad at me. I’m not sure if she was planning this before she left or not, but finally a week and a half into January, she let me know that she was moving back to MA in March. It was all decided. She had plans. I wasn’t included in any of it.

At first I was really angry and hurt. I’m still hurt. She didn’t even give it a chance here. She hasn’t lived here for a whole year. It took her 4-5 years to even admit that she didn’t completely hate living in MA. I feel like I took huge risks with my Dad and my Papa to go through with helping her live here, because I thought it would make her happy. And now that it comes down to it, I’m being pushed out. Not to mention, my wedding. She’s my bridesmaid. And she’s moving across the country 5 months before I’m getting married.

Now things are very distant. She’s hardly home, she doesn’t even sleep here most nights. And when she is home, her room is completely shut up, like she doesn’t want anything to do with living with me. I have to ask her to do her dishes after a week and a half of them sitting in the sink. And I am pretty sure her room smells like weed. This went from being a great living experience, to totally horrible.

It’s like, what happened? How did she so completely change? And is she treating me the way my Dad treated me before he moved to try and “detach” himself from me? Because this is totally reminiscent of the 6 months before my father left. I feel rejected. And I feel like this might affect our relationship for a very long time. And that makes me want to bawl my eyes out.



January 20, 2013 · 2:07 pm

3 responses to ““People Always Leave”

  1. San

    Jenn, this is awful. I am so sorry. It sounded like you had a really good relationship. Did something happen that she changed her mind or do you think it’s just the fact that she wants to move back to MA and didn’t want to discuss it with you. Either way, the situation sucks and I am heartbroken for you. She’s your sister after all!

    • At the time, I really had no idea why. She just said, “By the way, I’m moving back to MA in March.” And I just replied with, “Okay. That sucks.” And left it at that because I didn’t want to say anything that I would regret. This feeling went on for weeks before it finally exploded over a sink of dirty dishes this weekend. Things are definitely not 100%, but they are better. And, yes, I bawled my eyes out.

  2. terra

    That’s tough stuff, lady, but I’m glad you two had it out and that things are getting better. ❤

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