Photo a Day Challenge: February

I’ve been thinking about participating in a Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram (HI!) for a few months now.  So I figured the best month to start would be the one with the least amount of days in it, right?! Ultimate laziness. Anyway, I chose a list for the challenge based on things I would actually enjoy taking pictures of. The Idea Room’s challenge seemed like a perfect fit for me. Here’s the challenge:



If you’d like to participate, make sure to add me on instagram and hashtag all of your posts with #idearoom. And when the month is over, I’ll post a recap of my photos for the month. YAY!


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One response to “Photo a Day Challenge: February

  1. I love these photo a day challenges, even though I’m awful at them. I last a week or two and then inevitably forget one day and give up the whole thing. It’s still fun though!

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