I would want my children to know that…

Every moment counts.
Today may be the last day that you or someone you love very dearly is on this earth. I want my children to know this as soon as they can comprehend it. I don’t want them to miss out on any opportunities to tell someone “I love you” or that they appreciate someone. I made that mistake with my Grandma and I regret it every single day.

Dream big.
Anything is possible, especially when you realize it before you become jaded.

Respect others and have good manners.
This is a rule that my parents were actually right about and taught me well. No matter what, as long as I was a child, I respected my elders even when I knew they were wrong. Always. And I know how to keep my elbows off the table with the best of them. But I also know to say excuse me when I brush by someone and to do anything I can to keep from inconveniencing others because of my behavior. There are too many children that don’t know about any of this. I want mine to be better than that.

Be honest and trustworthy.
Lying your way through life is no way to live. And it hurts other people, especially those that genuinely care about you. You owe it to someone that invests part of themselves in you to be responsible with their feelings. Be someone that others look up to and are happy to be around. Be someone that you would want in your life.

Keep your innocence as long as you can.
I don’t mean virginity. I mean pure childhood innocence. You know how they say babies can see angels? That kind of innocence where every person you meet is someone you can trust and befriend. Children need that in their lives. It gives them more time to really enjoy life and everything that lies in front of them.




This is in response to a prompt from 20something Writers, called “You Oughta Know,” Make a list of 5 things that you would want your children to know.