I never miss a chance to Just Dance!

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I went into this game absolutely open-minded, as I had never played any version of Just Dance before. I expected something like many of the other musical competition games out there. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by how much I loved dancing to my favorite guilty pleasures!

I obviously didn’t want to play the game by myself, so I decided to invite my 7-year old cousins (yes, they’re twins!) and their older brother over to boogey with me! First we all went to dinner, with their parents and my Fiancé tagging along, and we ate ALL THE BREADSTICKS KNOWN TO MAN. Turns out that carbs are exactly what you need when heading into a Just Dance bender!

We got home, after my Aunt B and I had tried out some of the Moscato at the restaurant and we had all eaten waaaay more than we should have, and no one wanted to get off the couch. But after letting our food digest for about 15 minutes (didn’t want any of the kids getting sick!), I started the game whether we were ready or not. I did not expect such a workout, but I was soon putting my hair up because I was hot and SWEATY! Seriously, what a workout!

We got the boys (including SC!) together to play a “boy round” and Lance, one of the twins, made us scroll through every single song before he could make his song choice. He complained that there weren’t enough boy songs! Plus, he’s basically an expert at Just Dance 3, playing almost every day after school, so everyone should listen to him.

Kaylee, Lance’s sister, started feeling sick so she didn’t get very into the dancing portion, but she still moved the remote in spirit. And Zander, their older brother, was “too cool for school” and didn’t even want to play when I made him. Even Baya the puppy wanted to play!

Aunt B and I, though, got down with our bad selves. She loved the Rock Lobster, as it was a song she grew up on. I thought the lobster was a liiiittle creepy. My favorite song was (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life! I love Dirty Dancing and I wish I could play with someone who could really lift me up for the super special ending!

And by the time we had played for a few hours, we were all feeling much better about all that food we ate! I can’t wait to bring the game over to play with my family after Thanksgiving dinner! If for no other reason than to get everyone’s blood pumping so that the food digests faster and we will all have room for dessert! In fact, I volunteered my house for Christmas just so we can play Just Dance 4 all day!!

Have you played any of the Just Dance games? Which songs do you think I would love to play? Let me know! And if you’d like to purchase the Just Dance 4 game, just in time for the holidays, you can do so from Amazon or ToysRUs. Happy Dancing!


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…more on the engagement.


via Fotographia Studios

You didn’t think that would be all I’d say about my engagement, did you? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from. A few weeks ago, SC and I drove out to a little horse trail about 20 minutes from our house where we met my photographer friend from high school, Z, and his business partner, Holly, to do a little engagement session. We didn’t want anything super fancy, just a few shots for the books as well as one or two we could use for Save The Dates, Invitations, etc. Z and Holly blew us out of the water with these pictures, people. They are so great and capture us pretty much perfectly.


via Fotographia Studios

Up until that shoot, things were going exceptionally well. We had found a venue, a photographer, and planned our engagement shoot so that we could send out the Save The Dates in just a few short weeks. Obviously nothing runs that smoothly forever. The venue was all that we could have dreamed of and more. We went and looked at it at sunset, there were lights in the trees and a barn for dancing and there was even a playground to keep the kids occupied. Don’t even get me started on the amazing photos that place would allow. And I was told that we could get it for FREE because SC’s mom was a friend of the owner. Whether there was a miscommunication or someone didn’t give me the right information, I’m still not sure. It turns out that FREE wasn’t actually the case. It was more like two thousand dollars. Which is my entire reception budget. On top of that, the owner wouldn’t sign a contract because he isn’t sure if he is going to sell by next September. So we had to move on. The first place isn’t out, but I can’t wait around for the owner to decide the fate of my wedding. We are looking at a new venue next week sometime.


via Fotographia Studios

In the meantime, I’ve somehow convinced Rachel of Hello, Gorgeous Photography to shoot my wedding. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ve done to deserve this amazing karma, but I’m so glad she is willing to work with my budget and fly across the country. She’s honestly my dream wedding photographer! Aside form that, we might be moving the wedding date up to April, due to some family issues, but that depends on a lot of factors. Plus, we really can’t wait to be married!


via Fotographia Studios


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VEDA, My Degree, A New Job, & the best SURPRISE!

August was probably the craziest month I’ve had in a LONG time. I haven’t been here a lot, but I have been on the internet. I was doing VEDA, which stands for Vlog Every Day in August. So if you want to catch up with me, check out my youtube channel where you can see 31 videos of my amazing mug. But that’s enough about that, because we’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

First of all, in July I decided that I finally wanted to commit to a degree program. So I worked my butt off all through July so that I could start my 2-year online Bachelor’s program on August 7. I’m now in my last week of my first class (I have to complete one class every five weeks, with only one break during the year for Christmas holidays) and so far it’s been a huge success. I’m easily going to pull an A, and I’m 3 units closer to my Bachelor’s degree. That means in May of 2014, I’ll be graduating!

Secondly, back in May when my sister moved here from Massachusetts we started applying for jobs together since she needed at least one job and I wanted out of my position at Michael’s. A few months went by and I didn’t hear anything. But then, at the beginning of August, I got a call asking if I was still interested in an Administrative Assistant position, as they just got around to looking at my résumé. Of course I was, so we had a phone interview right then and there. And I set up an appointment to meet with the interviewer the following week. And then I waited impatiently for that week to pass. I got ready, drove the hour and a half to the main offices, and wiped out as I was walking into the office. I did an interview with bloody hands and knees and I don’t think the interviewer even noticed!

While I had a bad experience before I went in, I definitely rocked that interview! But then she said she’d call within the week and she didn’t call. So I called her. Apparently she liked my persistence, because she did eventually call me back and she offered me the position! I am now an Administrative Assistant for a HVAC / Air Conditioning company. I work 5 minutes from my house, it’s a full-time 8-5 job with benefits! I’ve been working for nearly a month, and I love the environment. I love the work, it satisfies my OCD immensely to organize files all day.

But wait, because I’m not done! Just when I thought this month couldn’t get any crazier, SC proposed! He took me out to the Santa Monica pier, he took my phone from me so that he could “secretly” capture video of the moment, and he got down on his knee right as a street performer was singing the Beauty and The Beast theme song. Of course, I said YES! 

I might have needed some convincing at first. But once we started dating, I knew he was the one almost right away. I would have married him after three months if he’d have been ready then. And I honestly can’t imagine my life without him. I could not be more ecstatic about the path I’m on and where my life is headed.


What’s going on in your life? I probably haven’t had a chance to keep up with you lately, so I honestly want to know! What’s up? Let me know in the comments! 


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I stole their Christian son’s precious virginity and probably put him on this path to destruction.

SC and I had a fight. And we walked away from each other. I wasn’t sure that it was really over, but some broken part of me went and did the only thing I could think of to comfort me. I ran to The Ex.

I called him one night to talk, and he surprised me by coming to my house. I grabbed some clothes, shoved them in a backpack, and we left for his house in San Diego. When I got there, it was like he lived in a frat house without the college. And this frat must have been co-ed because there were beautiful women everywhere. My worst fears from his college experience were realized all over again.

Later that night, we were laying in his bed when I realized I’d hardly grabbed anything I needed to stay with him. I’d forgotten my toothbrush and my makeup and I just couldn’t live without those things. This may have been my subconscious escape plan. We decided that he’d take me home in the morning.

Just when things started to get hot and heavy, I saw a photographer taking pictures of us outside his window. I didn’t know what this creep was up to. Apparently, The Ex was in some kind of trouble. Some government agents were watching him and there were pictures being taken of him and his parents were involved as well. He didn’t want to really open up to me. I guess that’s okay because I didn’t want to tell him why I’d called him, I only wanted us to go back to the way we used to be.

He shut the blinds, deflected my line of questioning, and we fell asleep without going any further. Part of me really wanted to go further, just because our last jaunt had been so incredibly cold (on his part) and terrible. But another part of me knew that if I had any chance of reclaiming what I wanted with the man I love, I couldn’t and shouldn’t do that to him. And (surprise!) The Ex doesn’t even turn me on anymore.

In the morning someone knocked on his door. It was a detective. He wanted to ask The Ex some questions. The Ex avoided him, managed to get around him, and we left. He chased us. At this point, everything happened really fast. We were being chased and a semi-truck was trying to slow us down and ended up making us crash. So we hijacked the semi and took a shortcut around the highway which eventually led to a dead end. But we’d lost the detective. We hiked up a hill, following the sounds of the cars. This led us to a steep drop off the hill into a lake, and on the other side of the lake was the highway we needed to get to.

The view was beautiful. I wanted to at least get a picture for all my troubles, so I stopped and went for my bag. But it was open and as I swung it up, my phone fell out and slid down the incline. I yelled for The Ex to catch it, but he just watched as it went by. So I slid after it. I landed in the water just after my phone did and I pulled it out, hoping it didn’t get damaged.

Then I heard a splash, The Ex had landed. We made our way over to the other side of the small-ish lake and on the other side, his parents were waiting for us. They immediately clammed up when they saw that I was with him. I’m the devil to them. I stole their good little Christian son’s precious virginity and probably put him on this path to destruction.

I still didn’t ask why all of this was happening, honestly because I didn’t want to get wrapped up in his life again. I regretted ever calling him. I just wanted to get in, out, and on with life.

His parents started questioning me. They told me that now that I was involved, a detective would probably come to ask me some questions and it would be nice if I could put everything I know into the best light I could. I said,

“Look, I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what I did to you to make you hate me so much all those years ago. I was just a kid. But if you want to blame me for taking your son’s virginity (which NEWSFLASH! he asked me to do) then that’s your choice. But I’d never do anything to spite him just for the pleasure of doing so. If someone asked me a question, I’d tell them the truth about what I know. Which, honestly, is not much. If they’re expecting me to be a character witness, I can only attest to the way he cared for me while we were together and the mighty asshole he was when we weren’t. I don’t even know who he is anymore and I’m okay with that. My being here is a FLUKE right now. I don’t even know how this happened but it’s probably not going to go any further. It’s not going to work this time, or any other time we try to reconnect, because we are never going to work. So you can just stop worrying now.”

The relief on their faces was evident. They took us back to their house, I put on a dry pair of clothes and I called a cab. As I was about to walk out the door, his mom pulled me aside…


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You already know this, but I’m Jennbizzle & I vlog.

I’m back at it for another year of VEDA, or Vlog Every Day in August. I’m following the prompts provided by We Blog, We Vlog, which is championed by Captain Ashley who was just a guest here. I won’t post them all here, and I hope you know who I am by now, but I thought I’d post this year’s intro if for no other reason than to show you my face. Isn’t it pretty???? You can go subscribe to my channel (if you want to see my mug for the next 30 days) here.  See you on the internet.


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Guest Post: Working While You’re In School

My name is Ashley and I blog at Writing To Reach You.  When I asked for opportunities to guest blog, Jenn offered up this space.  She’s heading back to school soon and that gave me an idea of what to write about.  So I’ve never gone back to school myself.  I’m actually at an age where it’s weirder that I’ve never left. But, I do have a lot of experience with working while in school and generally living like an independent adult while still being a student.

I work in an academic library where most of the patrons are young college students who basically live in a bubble.  They are not responsible for any of their expenses, they don’t even see their tuition bills, and any money they make working a few hours a week on campus goes to whatever they want.  To be clear, my own life has mostly been puppies and rainbows, but that’s a level of privilege I don’t understand. I’ve worked since I was a teenager and I have always, always been conscious of money.

There were moments in high school, college, and grad school where I was resentful of the bubble people who just got to focus on school without the separate responsibility of working.  Sometimes I was jealous of them and sometimes I thought myself superior to them.  I got by thinking, “Wait until they get out into the real world.”  I was humbled when the real world, which I thought I was already living in, totally knocked me off my feet and I found myself buried in debt.  That’s when I came to think of always working as just a fact of my life and not something that made me better or worse than anyone else.   I have had moments of jealously and resentment since, but I always come back to, “I have to work a lot, and that’s just the way it is, so I better find peace with it.”

I’ve actually gotten a lot out of working while in school.

When I was in high school, my whole life revolved around what happened at school until I got my first real job and this whole separate world opened up to me.  A lot of the people I worked with went to my school, but they were a bit older than me and ran in different (read: cooler) social circles than I did.  We could have walked past each other in the halls a hundred times and we never would have been friends, but sitting together every afternoon in a basement sorting mail gave us an opportunity to connect.  I was living in my own little bubble where most of my friends were these lovely girls who were pretty much exactly like me, and now suddenly I was friends with people who thought differently than I did and needed to work too and even some who occasionally broke rules.  My eyes were opened a bit, and these new friends brought out a different side of me.  School has remained a huge focus in my life, but working has always given me this place to encounter people who live differently.

When I went away to college, there was no question that I would have to get a job.  My mom, who is one of those people who can remember the only two B’s she ever received in school, told me that when she was in nursing school, she actually did worse the one semester where she didn’t work than she did all the semesters that she did work.  I’ve never taken off time from working, but there have been times when I worked less, and while I didn’t do worse than I did semesters where I worked more, I also didn’t do better.   If you think, “Oh, if I just didn’t have to work so much, I would study alllll the time,” you are probably lying to yourself.  Working forces you to develop priorities and learn how to manage your time.  It’s amazing how much you can do when you have to.

After my first two years of grad school, it became obvious to me that I was either going to have to quit school to work full time or figure out how to work full time while staying in school.  I was unwilling to give up on school, so I found a full time job and told myself I was just going to have to figure out how to work and go to school full time at the same time.  I thought I was over that silly entitlement I felt in college, but jealousy did bubble up a few times walking through the library where I worked and seeing all of my classmates there with endless hours to study.  But, you know, the last four years I’ve spent working full time while being a PhD student have not just given me a heads up on retirement savings, they have taught me a lot about how much I can do and how in control of my future I am.  Instead of letting my debt determine my future, I worked 15 hour days for a year and a half and paid it all off.  That experience changed my life and I wouldn’t give it up for all the hours spent studying in peace.

There are certainly disadvantages to working a lot when you’re in school.  I sometimes felt like I wasn’t really getting the college experience, because I had so much outside responsibility.  I never had the time or financial freedom to accept unpaid internships, and I felt like I could never take the time off to study abroad. I have tried to make up for these experiences when possible (I got more of the “college experience” my first two years of grad school and I’m traveling now), and otherwise I focus on the important experiences I gained while working.  I can’t really imagine myself without them.


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Leaving the Nest

It’s that time of year again, I’m going camping. Every year I take an extended week off (no matter what else happens during the year, this is a MUST) to go out in the forest, park my butt and my tent by a river, sunbathe, gossip, and MOST IMPORTANTLY make s’mores. My family comes too. And by that, I mean that we rent out at least 8 camp sites within a relative vicinity of each other (we reserve in January to camp in July!) and I spend a week with 35+ of my family members. I’d say it’s sort of like a family reunion, except that’s what a normal birthday party looks like in my family.

But this year is a bit different for me. In previous years, Aunt B’s family and I shared a camp site. We worked together to buy and prepare all the food and pack the equipment. But since SC moved in last October I thought it was probably time to “leave the nest” and have our own camp site. So I’ve been stressing and preparing for this for a solid month. Because Aunt B and I always had specific jobs that we both did well that contributed to the over all camp site. Now I’ve got to remember to do everything by myself. Even the things that I don’t like doing.

I think I’ve got it pretty much covered after making 10 (YES TEN) extensive lists for packing. Almost everything is packed now. We leave tomorrow. I just finished up the work week and SC should be home in a few hours. We’re both beyond exhausted, and we’ve still gotta load most of the gear into the truck tonight. But after tomorrow, it’s seven solid days of relaxation and bliss. Except for all the work that’s involved.

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The Ultimate Girls Night Out

Thank you to Hpnotiq for sponsoring this post. Visit http://hpnotiq.com/danceoff to enter to win the ultimate VIP weekend in Las Vegas for you and your friends!

In about a month’s time, I’ll be heading back to Vegas. You may remember that time that I was there back in May. I sure don’t, but you might. This time, I’m expected to be even less of the granny that I am and actually stay out till the sun comes up dancing the weekend away. THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW, guys. This is gonna be tough. But also? Worth it. SC and I are headed out to Sin City for his sister’s wedding. He is in the wedding party, so we are both attending the bachelor/bachelorette festivities before the happy couple officially ties the knot on Sunday night in Vegas.

This couple loves to drink. So, basically,  I’m in for one hell of a girls night out. They’re doing the partying separately, so no boys allowed on our Ultimate Girls Night Out in Vegas. First stop is obviously the bridal suite to pre-game and get pretty. YES, there will be glitter! We already have a cooler full of various alcoholic beverages, including the one and only Hypnotiq that’s sure to knock my on my ass! We’ll be partying in style with a limo ride to dinner, and then we hit the clubs. We’re planning on seeing some hunky men dance for us, so you can be sure there will be a stop at a strip club or a stage show! And then, of course, comes the dancing. From what I’m hearing, there will be at least two night club stops. Of course, no one can predict EXACTLY how the night will go. It’s Vegas, after all!

We’ve also got a goodie bag full of “pecker pops”, a bachelorette sash and tiara and “blow me” whistles, to name a few. You name it, we’ve probably got it. I don’t quite know how I’m going to survive this outrageous weekend, but assuming I do, you’ll be the first ones to hear all about it!

Jealous much? What if I told you that you have the opportunity to win your very own Ultimate Girls Night Out in Vegas? This isn’t a tease, it’s the real thing! Go now to enter the Live Louder Dance Off contest for a chance at winning the ultimate VIP weekend in Las Vegas! To enter, you can either upload a  30-second video showcasing your best, stand-out dance move here: Hpnotiq LLDO – Likeable – Video Upload OR you can capture and post a photo of your best, stand-out dance pose – alone or with friends! – here: Hpnotiq LLDO – Likeable – Photo Upload And if you win, please take me with you!

Thank you again to Hpnotiq for sponsoring this blog post! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. 

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SVU Fantasies and Hostel Nightmares

So you want to know what happens when you get summoned to U.S. District Court FEDERAL Jury Duty? Oh, no? Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway. Believe me, I wish I could tell you all the things about actually serving because I’d go all SVU on you. But I can’t. So you get this instead.

First what happens is, you call in the night before like any other jury duty. And then OF COURSE you have to appear, because you ALWAYS have to appear. So you call your boss and break the bad news. And then you call your manager, too. And you hear shit about leaving her all alone with incompetent people at work. And then you wake up at 5:30am and are out the door by 6:00am and still just barely get to LA to the courthouse (because federal court means you don’t get to go to your local courthouse) when you’re supposed to check in at 7:45am. So that means you don’t get to eat any breakfast. Oh, and you also didn’t have any coffee.

So then you get there and you sit through an hour of orientation and they start calling groups of people to go into court rooms. But your name doesn’t get called, because you never get called within a reasonable amount of time. So you sit and wait. And those people that were sitting all around you that got called like the stupid little people they are have now returned because they weren’t chosen. And it’s now been 4 hours and your name hasn’t been called.

And then it gets called with the largest group of potential jurors ever (40+) but the judge isn’t ready for jury selection yet so they tell you to go sit back down. And then you wait another hour and by now it’s lunch time but the court is ready so you have to answer the judge’s call. So the 40+ of you go down to the courtroom and jury selection begins. And because there’s FREAKING FOURTY of you, jury selection takes 3 hours. So by now it’s 3:30 pm and you haven’t eaten all day.

And then you get chosen, but you’re an alternate. So you have to sit through the whole trial, but you don’t get to have a say in the decision at all. And then the judge tells you to be back at 9:00am the next day. And then you realize that you’re going to have to drive 2 hours each way, every day until this thing is over. And you start to panic. So you ask for a comped hotel, but the rule is that you have to live more than 80 miles away from court, and map quest says you live 78 miles away. So you have to ask the judge to waive the rule for you. But you can’t actually TALK to the judge, so you have to talk to the clerk, who has to talk to the judge, who has to come back to you and tell you that the judge waived the rule, but they still have to clear it with the jury department. So you still have to drive all the way home and all the way back in the morning before you can stay in a hotel and be sure that it’s comped.

Only, they don’t comp hotels, they require you to pay for them and they reimburse you. Except you don’t have any money in you account. So you have to get an advance. And then you go to book a hotel from the comfort of your bed, only to realize that ALL THE CONVENTIONS are in town and the rooms are booked. So you find the first reasonably priced room that claims to have free parking, wi-fi, and a bed and you book it. But then you get to the hotel, and realize it’s more of a hostel. There are communal showers and toilets. So if you want to take a shower you basically have to lock yourself in a closet and hopefully you brought shower shoes because it’s probably as dirty as the public showers at Santa Monica beach. Oh, and the blanket on the bed is FULL of holes. And there’s no sink in the “closet” with the public toilet. The room smells terrible, and the whole thing is about the size of a king-sized bed. It also has a doorknob lock (the room key is an actual key, not a card), a deadbolt lock, and TWO of those little slidey hotel-lock things. That doesn’t make you feel more safe. That makes you feel like it’s likely someone will try to break into your room.

So you walk 12 blocks trying to find any hotel that’s willing to give you a better place to stay. But everyone’s booked solid (if you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, of course). Just when you’re about to give up, you call a hotel that told you they were booked yesterday. They have a room for you AND there’s a bathroom in it too.

But then you have to worry about canceling the “room” you already have booked. So you go to the front desk, and you talk to them. But of course, they can’t help you because you booked through an outside website. So you deal with the automated customer service center and you finally talk to a real person and you get put on hold for a billion minutes only for them to tell you to call them back in 15 minutes. So you talk to the front desk again and they tell you they talked to the lady you were talking to with customer service and they have to conform you didn’t actually USE the room (because who would?) before they can refund your money. So they confirm that and they check you out and you call customer service back (twice, because the first time didn’t work) to confirm the refund. And they actually refund you.

And then you finally get to the new hotel and you now have to pay $20.00 in parking for the day but it’s almost worth it because THIS ROOM IS TEN BILLIONTY TIMES BETTER even though it’s a pretty standard room. But it has a shower, and an air conditioner, and a desk, and a TV, and a fridge and a working sink and a microwave and a BLANKET WITHOUT HOLES and and and.

The moral of this story is that I got to serve on a jury, and I got a ton of exercise, and I got to (eventually) sleep in a reasonably safe and habitable building. Sometimes you have to work for your happy ending, I guess.

Honestly, I have never been called for Jury Duty before and I have super fantasies about Mariska Hargitay bursting into the courtroom with THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF EVIDENCE EVER. Or something. So I genuinely wanted to serve, I just want everything in life to be handled for me and to be paid on the spot. And to not have to drive 160 miles in a day. 


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BiSC, The Third Year. Part 3.

Missing something? Catch up on Part 1 & Part 2!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling much better. I didn’t mention this, but I’d felt really sick toward the end of the night on Friday. And I was super excited because it was CrushHub day. I’d been anxiously awaiting playing the dating game, facebook style ever since I’d heard about it. Plus, hottie mchotterson Chris Biggs over there. Enough said.

So here’s the real story about what happened at brunch. Nicole got up and told us what we’d be doing, which was picking a date for Amber. Then she introduced Chris and he told us the background behind CrushHub and how it’s supposed to work. Basically, it’s like a dating site on Facebook. But this “game” lets you suggest your Facebook friends to be matched with each other, and then all of your friends vote on which suggestion is the best match.

Each table got a pad of blank faces so we could draw our real life pieces of hunk for Amber to choose. The winning table (the table who presented the bachelor that Amber chose) each got 20 bucks cash from CrushHub, the person who presented the match got 100 bucks! Oh, and CrushHub is going to sponsor Amber’s date. Which is in Costa Rica, where she’ll be staying when she meets her Costa Rican surfer hottie with six-pack abs.

We didn’t win. But I think that was because we weren’t allowed to present Amber with who I still believe is her perfect love match. Jenna and I drew a pretty fantastic rendition (I was in charge of the eye section) of …drumroll… none other than Chris Biggs himself. Nicole immediately vetoed that presentation, so as not to embarrass Amber or Chris. But Jenna presented him with his own “dating profile” as a laugh anyway, since we’d already done the work.

After CrushHub brunch, there was a choose-your-own-activity afternoon. But I chose no activity in favor of laying by the pool with Jayme and also catching up on my Lucky Bloke PLEASURE PACK contest. We had to tweet pictures that spelled out the words pleasure pack, where each letter stood for another word (ex. sensual for S and unique for U, etc.) I think I completed it?!? There were so many it was hard to keep track. Also, when we were by the pool, we caught up with the bachelor boys from the day before who now had a $500 cabana. So we stole some shade from them for a while.

We didn’t stay down there for long before we decided to leave, and I went up to my room to start getting ready. Dinner was scheduled waaayyy before Chateau, so I just threw some stuff on and went down to happy hour with Bob, Nicole, and Jenna at Sin City Brewing Co. We sat there for a few hours and just chatted it up. After a while, people started trickling down. Then it was off to Planet Hollywood for dinner. This buffet was my favorite, even more so than Paris. And while we were there, the Miss America contestants came in to eat. Yeah, you heard right. Beauty queens actually EAT. At buffets!

Somewhere between the fullest belly ever and the hotel room, Katherine and I got changed for the club. We met in Nicole’s room, where we were told there’d be a POPchips party (since there was a shipping mishap and they arrived late). There was also LOTS of condoms. I stole a bunch.

Chateau was amazing, as VIP club service always is. We got 3 tables with bottle service and our own roped off dance floor, or at least that’s what we made our area into, on the rooftop of the Paris. Right under the Eiffel tower. Of course, everyone want to leave super early for some reason, so I don’t feel like I got nearly enough time dancing. I also feel like some old man though that Grace and I were whores he’d buy a drink for and take home for the night. So he bought us a (nasty) drink and we ran away. There were also really creepy cirque-esque performers there. Like, a man dressed in bondage accessories and wearing a horse head, for example.

Then the night got blurry. There was meeting up with people at some sort of food establishment and awkward turtles with underwear showing caught on camera so I’m not going to show that ANYWHERE (for Terra‘s* sake), and tackle hugs that left bruises, and people leaving much earlier than they were supposed to, and hanging out in garden chairs on the patio of the Flamingo until 5am waiting for Lauren to have to leave.

And I think most of us got hardly any sleep (some of us got none at all). But we had to wake up the next morning for the worst part of BiSC: the farewell brunch. Also known as the wig brunch. Also known as the time I morphed into Rainbow Brite (partially) for the third year in a row. Also known as, how did I function with such a headache. Also known as, at least Brandy seemed like she had it worse than me and I’m selfish so I relish things like that. Also known as, WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH ALL THE CRAWDADS?!?! GET THOSE THINGS OUT OF ALL OF THE PICTURES THEY ARE FREAKING GROSS. yuck.

Oh, and the VEDA-ers at BiSC gathered together.

And then it was over. Just like that.

*Oh, most of the pictures I’ve used in these 3 posts? It was either me (crappy quality), Rachel (official BiSC photog), or Terra (goddess with a camera)

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